Wisconsin command college Conference

October 14-15, 2024

Best Western Waterfront Conference Center
Oshkosh, WI

Join us for two full days of training on leadership and networking with
Wisconsin Command College Alumni


Danny Ziem is a former Firefighter Paramedic and is currently a Leadership instructor and speaker for Echelon Front. Danny Spent over 16 years in public service and has served in roles including emergency medical services, firefighting, clinical education, technical rescue, honor guard, and special operations group SWAT Medic.

Danny brings a unique perspective for leadership in high-stress environments and has led others as a Field Training Officer, Preceptor, and Instructor Cadre.

Danny served on his special operations group as part of the leadership core and helped to facilitate the successful rollout of Extreme Ownership principles to his team and upper leadership.

Danny’s ability to build relationships in multi-agency settings has given him an intimate understanding of the cover and move principle as well as the ability to recognize opportunities for implementation of the other laws of combat leadership.

Alumni Association 

The Alumni Association was created by Class 4 as part of their class assignment.  The project was designed to bring all past classes together, as well as a place for future graduates.  The Alumni Association has taken responsibility for future annual training for all graduates.

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) fundraising organization that gives charitable donations to law enforcement families affected by violence or tragedy. We are the graduates of The Wisconsin Certified Public Manager® Program, the Wisconsin Command College. Along with other leaders from across the state, we aim to provide the most up to date, forward thinking, and relevant training for our graduates.

New this year - the conference will welcome graduate from the University of Wisconsin CPM program to our conference!




Oshkosh Waterfront Conference Center

Oshkosh, WI



Stacy Lenz, Class #3
WI Department of Justice
P: 608-616-2338